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Pam Anderson Releases Explicit New Video
The former Baywatch star and longtime animal advocate has narrated a graphic undercover exposé of KFC’s cruel treatment of chickens.
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The Rev. Al Sharpton Preaches Compassion for Chickens
Rev. Sharpton has filmed an appeal to be screened at KFC in urban centers across America, calling on the black community to boycott KFC until the company makes basic improvements in animal welfare
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Front-page article in The Washington Post about former KFC pitchman Jason Alexander and his request that KFC stop torturing animals
Pam Anderson KFC Exposé

You won't find Pamela Anderson's new release at your local multiplex--the former Baywatch star and longtime animal advocate's latest project is "Kentucky Fried Cruelty," an undercover exposé blowing the whistle on the cruel treatment of animals at KFC's factory farm and slaughterhouse suppliers. The video details just how horribly KFC treats chickens—birds are so crippled that they can't even walk, live birds are forced into tanks of scalding-hot water while completely conscious and able to feel pain, and Moorefield, W.Va., slaughterhouse workers kill birds by slamming them against the wall and stomping on them.

PETA is calling on consumers to boycott KFC until the company agrees to make some simple improvements in the way it treats animals, but so far the company has done nothing to address the very worst abuses that chickens suffer at its factory farm and slaughterhouse suppliers. The world's leading animal welfare experts have even weighed in, giving KFC detailed scientific recommendations based on the latest research—but KFC has refused to listen to them. Until the company agrees to take animal welfare seriously, compassionate consumers everywhere will be taking their business elsewhere.

You can help chickens! Please e-mail Pamela's video to all your friends to help spread the word about KFC's cruel treatment of chickens, and read up on other ways that you can get involved. Of course, the best thing that you can do to help animals is to stop eating them, so please consider trying a vegetarian diet—just like Pamela.